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Motor and compressors with sleeve bearings do not lend themselves well to readings with accelerometers and for dependable information a device such as a proximity probe should be used to measure vibration in mils displacement. Probes should be oriented in two planes 90 ° apart and displacement cannot exceed the shaft to bearing clearance.

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Motor power is measured in kW. Motor may be diesel, turbine or electric. Motor power is one of the core parameters to ensure compressor to manage air discharge. The higher the capacity the more power is consumed. Failure to calculate the power correctly may result in power consumption without effect.

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The power calculation should be made per stage of compression and then summed for all stages connected to a single driver. The step-by-step calculation for shortcut method. a. Calculate the isentropic exponent (k) by Equation 3 using the average temperature defined by T = (T 1 +3T 2)/4. This form of average temperature was defined to obtain ...

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In this video we learn how to calculate the pulley diameters for motors and fans as well as their RPM and what the air flow rate will be. This can be applied...

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Select a motor that is capable of supplying total HP requirements of the pump, gas separator, and seal. In this example, a 562 series motor with 130 hp; 2,145 volts; and 35 amps was selected. Using the technical data provided by the manufacturer, determine if any load limitations were exceeded (e.g., shaft loading, thrust bearing loading ...

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Two adjacent thousand separators or a thousand separator immediately to the left of the decimal separator (whether or not a decimal is specified) means "scale the number by dividing it by 1000, rounding as needed." For example, you can use the format string "##0,," to represent 100 million as 100. Numbers smaller than 1 million are displayed as 0.

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Shaft horsepower is one of the common calculations carried out by engineers, the short article below provides an estimation method. What is a Horsepower? Horsepower (HP) is a unit of measurement of power. The unit is commonly used with referring to the power an engine or motor can produce. The […]

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The design calculations results were shown in Table 2 and Fig. 18(a) and (b). Also, from the Fig. 18(a) and (b), it was observed that, the belt speed and power consumption gets affected substantially for the roller speeds than compared to belt thickness. As the roller speed increases, there is an appreciable increase in the belt speed and power ...

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Permanent Magnetic Separators The science of magnetic separation has experienced extraordinary technological advancements over the past decade. As a consequence, new applications and design concepts in magnetic separation have evolved. This has resulted in a wide variety of highly effective and efficient magnetic separator designs. In the past, a process engineer faced with a magnetic ...

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Motor Sizing Tools. These Online Motor Sizing Tools are designed to make sizing a motor faster and easier. These forms calculate the necessary Torque, Speed, Stopping Accuracy and System Inertia important when selecting a proper motor for the application. Call our experts for any assistance needed: 1-800-GO-VEXTA (468-3982) (M-F 7:30am CST to 5 ...

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All content in this area was uploaded by Omar Longoria-Gandara on Feb 22, 2017 . ... Separator motor . Fig. 10. GUI of the IWS . ... matrix to calculate the rotation angle and the object .

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The design of the separator shall satisfy the requirements of API PUBLICATION 421, Feb. 1990 on DESIGN & OPERATION OF OIL/WATER SEPARATORS and Stokes' law. Separation Cell: The separation cell is designed using elements of American Petroleum Institute's publication 421, Feb. 1990, "Design of Oil-Water Separators" to ensure the best possible ...

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Motor Sizing Calculations. There are three factors to calculate when sizing a motor; Moment of Inertia, Torque, and Speed. Moment of Inertia. Moment of inertia is the measure of an object's resistance to changes in its rotation rate. When an object is just sitting without any motion, the moment of inertia is 0.

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A cable venting box is available to protect the motor controller from such gases. Step 8: accessory and optional equipment Downhole accessory equipment. Flat cable (motor lead extension). Select a length at least 6 ft (1.8 m) longer than the pump intake (standard or gas separator) and seal section for the motor series chosen.


COMPRESSED AIR MANUAL 8th edition Compressed Air Manual 8 th edition Belgium, 2015, 9780 0380 11 CAM_cover_English_2014.indd 1 13/04/15 14:54

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(For example: I live in Austria in Europe, and we use the comma as decimal separator.) The international standard since about 100 years is to use a point as decimal separator (before that time the comma was the international decimal separator). blue: decimal separator is a point ($pi = 3.14$) green: decimal separator is a comma ($pi = 3$,$14$)

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Centrifugal separators with paring discs at the outlet, (Figure 6.2.23), are known as semi-open types (as opposed to the older open models with overflow discharge). In the semi-open separator, the milk is supplied to the separator bowl from an inlet, normally in the top, through a stationary axial inlet tube.

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FABRICATION: The clarifier/separator is a special purpose prefabricated inclined plate and parallel corrugated plate, rectangular, gravity displacement, type unit. The clarifier/separator shall be comprised of a tank containing an inlet compartment, sludge chamber, a separation compartment, and clean water outlet chamber.

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The platform has no power to run an electrical compressor. It is unmanned so rotating machines are avoided. A gas-engine driven compressor would have been detrimental to the environment and incur the additional costs of gas consumption. The ejector is a small device with no moving parts. The ejector is driven by an existing force (Well 5).

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The next step in handling free gas with an ESP involves downhole mechanical separation devices such as separator intakes. These devices take the fluid that enters its intake ports, impart a centrifugal force to it, vent the lighter-density fluid back to the annulus, and transfer the heavier-density fluid to the first pump stage.


Chemical engineering calculations to assist process, plant operation and maintenance engineers. ... 2 Calculation. Calculation for agitator power and scaleup. ... Explore. Equipment. 4 Calculation. Calculation for vessel thickness, vessel volume and sizing of verticl & horizontal separator. Explore. Others. 7 Calculation ...

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Fri, Feb 23, 2018. Magnetometers are used to measure the strength of a magnetic field. They can also be used to determine orientation and to compensate gyro drift. Magnetometer provides the last three degrees of freedom in 9DOF sensors. There is one problem though, magnetometers are prone to distortion. Hard iron distortion

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Calculate the total power consumption of the 3 Phase 30HP motor is operating for 38 days at 70% of the full load and the motor is operated at 14 hours per day. Step1: First calculate the total number of hours. T (h) = 38 * 14 = 532 hours. Use our power calculation formula, E (kWh) = …

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at 2.5% – 1.0% of input power at rated load between 0.1 kW and 1000 kW • Mathematical calculation; Eh star – alternative indirect method with mathematical calculation of P LL Winding losses in stator and rotor determined at [25°C + actual temperature rise measured] IEC/EN 60034-30:2008 IEC/EN 60034-30:2008 defines three IE (International

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Recommended Power Supply. What power supply do I need? To answer this question, OuterVision PSU Calculator analyzes dozens of power supplies per each certification category, compares their efficiency, unit price, computer power consumption, overall PC energy cost, and payback period.

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• Gas Separator • Seal Section • Motor ... 3 Fluid Volume Calculations Calculate all fluid volumes at pump intake pressure 4 Total Dynamic Head (TDH) Determine the pump's discharge requirements ... Power Sources: Available primary voltage, Frequency, Power source capabilities Possible Problems: Sand, Deposition, ...

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A crescent shaped separator is used on some _____ gear motors. ... How can you calculate the amount of force a cylinder exerts? piston area x fluid pressure. ... How can the shaft speed of a fixed, positive-displacement motor be changed? By varying the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid.

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In our example input electrical power of the motor is 0.22 A x 6 V = 1.32 W, output mechanical power is 1000 rpm x 2 x 3.14 x 0.00126 N•m /60 = 0.132 W. Motor torque changes with the speed. At no load you have maximum speed and zero torque.


Design calculations Weight of the sand = 30 kg Radius of the disc =0.04 m Torque=force x radius of the disc input power= (V x I) kw power required to run the motor, P=(2πNT)/60 where N is the speed of motor T is the torque developed 10.

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Centrifuges & Separation Equipment. Since 1893, GEA has been building centrifuges which combine high separating efficiencies, clarifying efficiencies and throughput capacities with maximum savings in terms of energy, water and disposal costs. Contact us Get a quote.

Gas-Liquid Separators Sizing Parameter

Gas-Liquid Separators Sizing Parameter In the December 2014 tip of the month (TOTM) [1], we discussed troubleshooting of gas-liquid separators for removal of liquids from the gas stream leaving the separator. There are two methods for sizing gas-liquid separators: 1. Droplet settling theory method, 2. Souders-Brown approach.


Pompa ESP merupakan pompa centrifugal yang terdiri dari beberapa stages. Setiap stage terdiri dari satu impeler yang bergerak (rotor ) dan satu difusser yang bersifat diam (stator). Ukurang dari stage menentukan banyaknya fluida yang dapat di pompakan, sedangkan jumlahnya akan menentukan total head capacity (daya angkat/ dorong) dan jumlah horse power yang diperlukan.

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Figure 3 Relationships Between Power, Current, Power Factor and Motor Load Example: Input Power Calculation An existing motor is identified as a 40-hp, 1800 rpm unit with an open drip-proof enclosure. The motor is 12-years old and has not been rewound. The electrician makes the following measurements: Measured Values: V ab = 467V I a = 36 amps ...